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Anti-Racist Film Club Summer Movie Night

Hello folks! We're doing our screening this month a little differently... the film club is teaming up with First Olympia's Kids Night Out ministry to host a fun summer movie night for our larger community. So, in addition to our ARFC regulars, expect lots of kids enjoying the experience with us!

Our selection this month is Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011).

After becoming the "Dragon Warrior," Po the panda revels in his job as a kung fu master protecting the Valley of Peace. However, when an evil warlord invades his home with weapons of mass-destruction and a genocidal vendetta against him, Po must wrestle with the ghosts of his traumatic past and learn to accept pain on the path to inner peace.

Click this link to watch a full trailer.

We'll be showing the movie upstairs at First Olympia UMC in the Gathering Place on Saturday, 7/6 @5pm. There will be dinner provided before/during the screening. There will also be popcorn! Then our discussion will be held on Monday, 7/8 @7pm over Zoom.

So our July schedule looks like this:
  • Sunday, 7/6 @5:00pm - Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) screening at FUMCO
  • Monday, 7/8 @ 7:00PM - Zoom film discussion

If you're interested in either of these events, please RSVP here:

´╗┐And if you're plan on bringing any kids, please fill out this more detailed version of our RSVP form:

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