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Methodists united against gun violence

U.S. mass shootings have been too common for too long, it is time to say "enough"!

As followers of Jesus we know that we are blessed to be a blessing to others; and that we are blessed when we are peacemakers (Matthew 5:9). We stand on the shoulders of John Wesley's call to "do no harm." We are inspired by the work of the General Board of Church and Society's resolution #3428 "Our Call to End Gun Violence," as well as our Social Principles 162 to take action for gun safety.

We are calling on our siblings in Christ in the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Methodist Church to take action for gun safety.
The Pacific Northwest Conference has previously sent a petition letter to our U.S. Congress on our behalf, but that is only counted as a single letter.  However, if we each send individual letters, together they become a message that can't be ignored.

We've provided directions below for writing a letter to the elected officials who represent you. Remember, your letter doesn't have to be long, but the more personalized, the better. It's time to speak up!