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Call to Action Regarding Israel and Palestine

Your Script: 
My name is [YOUR FIRST & LAST NAME], and I'm a constituent of [REP. OR SEN. NAME]. I'm calling about Palestine and Israel. The Senator/Representative must take immediate steps to deescalate, by calling for a ceasefire, pressuring Israel to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza, and refusing to send any additional weapons or funding to the Israeli military. I support an immediate ceasefire, along with two thirds of American voters, as found in a recent poll by Data for Progress. I am asking the Senator/Representative to publicly call for a ceasefire. Any more military funding to Israel will fuel violence by arming the Israeli government. This is a genocide of Palestinian people in Gaza. The Senator/Representative must take action now to stop genocide and end all U.S. complicity in Israel's violence.

Your Representative:
For most of the members of Tumwater UMC, First Olympia UMC, and St. Andrew’s UMC:
If you live anywhere as far North as Tacoma and as far South as Tenino, as far West as Steamboat Island and as far East as Yelm, your representative is Marilyn Strickland. Here is her contact info:
Rep. Marilyn Strickland
DC Office: (202) 225-9740
Lacey Office: (360) 459-8514

For most of the members of Shelton UMC:
If you live in Shelton, or North of Shelton in the county, your representative is Derek Kilmer (a fellow Methodist who attends the Gig Harbor UMC). If you live South of Shelton, there is a chance that you fall back into the 10th district, which is Marilyn Strickland’s (see above). Here is Derek’s contact info:
Rep. Derek Kilmer
DC Office: (253) 272-3515
Tacoma Office: (253) 272-3515

Our Senators:
We all share the same senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. Here are there contacts:
Sen. Patty Murray
D.C. Office: (202) 224-2621
Sen. Maria Cantwell
D.C. (202) 224-3441

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