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Friendship Hikers Upcoming Dates

Hi Friendship hikers, here's information about our next hike this Saturday, April 8th. We'll head out of town a bit to Frye Cove Park, located in the Steamboat Island area. 

We've mapped a modest 2 mile walk through the peaceful forest and along the edge of Eld Inlet and Frye Cove. If it's clear we could get lucky and see a view of Mt Rainier beyond the water. The path is mostly wide and even, with some ups and downs, and one small section where the path narrows. We'll either walk in the late morning or early afternoon, depending on how the weather is looking. Pets are allowed if leashed.

Please let me know if you'd like to join in, and if you are willing to help drive as part of carpooling. Looking ahead, here's dates to save: May 20, June 17 and July 8 (always Saturdays).  Locations TBD but by then we'll head more into the mountains, going longer and higher :) Let us know if you're planning to join us on April 8th.

Thanks all!
Mae  Wharton (

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