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Our New Logo!

Have you noticed our new logo? You can see it at the header of emails, on our announcement slides and on the banner facing Legion Way.

Two years ago, the work of designing a new church logo began. With resources provided by the Annual Conference (including a professional graphic designer) the South Sound Cooperative of churches worked together to create new logos for each of the four churches.

When a church has such a long history as ours (you can learn more about our history on the website:, capturing an image that speaks to our shared past, present and future is no small task. I am delighted to share with you what our new logo points to in our shared story.

The red in the color palette is the same red you find in the “cross and flames” symbol of the United Methodist Church. The various blues were inspired by our previous church logo’s color scheme and our proximity to the water. Our logo is a circle to remind us of God’s unending love, the border evoking the multicolored stained glass in our sanctuary.

The central image of the tree is reminiscent of our historic oak tree. On a personal note, the image reminds me of a saying that has persisted in one form or another for centuries: “Blessed are those who plant trees under whose shade they will never sit.” We enjoy our sacred space because of the faith of our ancestors. The tree invites us to remember we are rooted: in our belovedness, in our Methodist heritage, in our Olympia community, in our place in the family of God. The spring leaves on the branches point us to the beloved community that continues to grow from our faithfulness to God and each other, a hope for what will come after us.

I hope when you look at the logo you will remember that we are connected to each other - better together, before, now and always.

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