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Save the Date: UWIF Rummage Sale

The United Women in Faith Rummage Sale is almost here! And if you'd like to help out here's some details:

It is scheduled for the second weekend of March (March 10-11th). We will not be doing furniture or TV’s or Computers or big appliances. We may be limited on space, so hope to do small appliances, along with the tool room, holiday room, book room, boutique, and Great Hall as usual. The Boy Scouts will be available, but we will need additional strong people to help with clean-up and set up. We will be doing lunch each day and will need help with food contributions.

Anyone interested in signing up for a particular area, or coordinating one of the rooms, we need a boutique person and a small appliance coordinator. Please contact Carol Gruen, 360-352-9703 or email at

Whether you're shopping or volunteering, we hope to see you there!

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