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Update from the Refugee Support Team

A message from Becca Brandt:

It’s been 3 ½ years since we began working with the Congolese family at the request of Lutheran Community Services, since the family was really struggling living isolated in a small apartment in Kent. They are becoming more independent, but slowly.

Janet has been taking English classes right along and can converse in simple sentences and manage at work. Adrianna, the other mother, is enjoying her community gardens. Imani moved to Albuquerque with her boyfriend and his family. She is pregnant and due in December with a girl. Zawadi is studying at SPSCC. Priscilla is a junior at Capital High School. Neremia, also a junior, is in Running Start at SPSCC and active in soccer. Samuel is starting middle school at Marshall and Sifa is in 5th grade at McLane. Janet, Zawadi and Priscilla work at the McDonald’s near their apartment.

They all started attending the Baptist Church on Delphi during Covid, and they are happy there. They really enjoy Olympia and all the support they are receiving. Thanks to all of you who have been drivers, tutors, helping us with banking and soccer and dentists and doctors, etc.

We need to decide if and when we are ready to help another family, since the need is great.

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