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Our Covenant For Transitional Pastors

The work of the pastor is a great privilege. Pastors get to be a part of the lives of the people of the church, and we begin to feel like family. These relationships, many of them nurtured online through social media, are often a rich part of our lives together. However, when pastoral change happens, it is good to remind ourselves of the very firm boundaries that comes with the transitions.

We want pastors Heather, Alexa, and Kellen to forge meaningful relationships with all of us in the coming months and years. To make that easier, our former pastors will not be available to perform future weddings, baptisms, or memorial services. Nor will they be willing to discuss with you anything related to the state of the church. Go to our new pastors for these things and give them the privilege of the pastoral relationship Peter, Amanda, and Sandy have enjoyed with us. This church will always have a special place in the hearts of our former pastors, and they shall always hold us in their hearts, but now is the time to begin making space for new relationships.

Pastor Amanda will be busy leading her new church in Idaho, and Pastor Sandy will be in Spokane. Pastor Peter will be moving to the East coast. All have covenanted with their successors, the Staff Parish Relations Committee, and the District Superintendent to end their pastoral relationships here, including social media interactions with our congregation. The Holy Spirit will bind us together through our memories of the past and our hope for the future. Thanks be to God!

Donna Gaddy, on behalf of the Staff Parish Relations Committee and our outgoing pastors

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