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Spiritual Gifts Assessment

In my sermon on Sunday, I mentioned the UMC's Spiritual Gifts Inventory. If you haven't taken it yet, I invite you to do so! It takes about 20 minutes to complete online, and if you need a paper copy, please stop by the front desk (or call us!) to have one printed out for you. Or simply click the link above.

When you get to the end of the assessment, make sure to write down your top 3-6 gifts (I find great affinity with my top 6, for reference)—the website will not save them for you if you navigate away from the page. 

Here is a link to the definitions for each gift, as well as scriptural references for them:
Link to Spiritual Gift Descriptions. When you have your top gifts identified, please share those gifts with me, or Pastor Heather, if you're open to it!

—Pastor Alexa

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