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A Song Team Update from Pastor Alexa

Dear ones, it has been a few weeks now, since we lost our Song Team Leader, Mark Bunda, suddenly and unexpectedly. Death brings with it grief, shock, memories, and, strangely, details and logistical concerns to attend to. So, you may have been wondering what Song Team leadership looks like moving forward. 

With great thanksgiving in our hearts, we are proud to say that the team Mark has led all these years is wildly talented, and chock-full of leaders. This abundance of leadership allows us all to take time to grieve, discern, and care for one another with tenderness. 

At least through the summer, Kim Fuchs, Connie Groven, and Angi Swan have agreed to rotate leadership of Song Team. We celebrate their gifts and willingness to step into greater responsibility during this tender time! 

Whoever is the designated song team leader for each Sunday selects songs in coordination with the pastors, the worship theme and scripture, as well as leads rehearsals, offering direction and guidance. They spend a great deal of time learning new songs, making sure the lyrics are in line with our church’s values and theologies, and communicating all this with both pastoral leadership and the other musicians. I invite you to pray for these three extraordinary women, along with all the wildly talented musicians who provide musical leadership for our church every week. They are a dedicated bunch, and could use your prayers of care and love to bolster them in this challenging time. 

If you have any questions or curiosities about Song Team, or any of the music ministries of this church, don’t hesitate to ask me! AND, if you have musical talent to offer, we are looking for people to lead special music, especially through the summer. Thank you for your graciousness and prayerful support of our music ministries!

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