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Trivia Nights!

Questions and Answers Trivia Devotional Group

Finding yourself asking a whole lot of questions lately? Our Lenten worship theme this year is ASK. As we ask questions of our faith and each other, why don't we get together in the same spirit to be asked questions of seemingly little value at Trivia Night?

Starting Tuesday, Feb 28, join Pastor Kellen at Hops on the Hill in Tumwater for Co-op wide Devotional group and trivia night. We will meet weekly on Tuesdays during Lent to check in with one another, share a short devotional, and then participate in Hops on the Hill's weekly Trivia night from 6:00-8:00.
´╗┐This Devotional group/trivia team is open to anyone of age (18+) and there will always be room to split into multiple teams for trivia should we want that after our devotional time. 

If you are interested in this group, sign this form so that we can keep you in the loop each week:

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