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Stewardship Message - 22 Years and Counting

On November 20, 2022, Pastor Heather talked about HOPE during her sermon as we start our Stewardship drive. As a part of the stewardship drive in 2000, First United Methodist Church of Olympia started the Homeless Children Ministry. This Ministry was designed to give HOPE to families, which have shown the ability to manage their finances and have a stable family but need a jumpstart financially to get into a home of their own.  The program began with initial donations of $11,000, and by working with the Welcome Room of Madison Elementary School, Salvation Army Shelter, and Family Support Center we helped 35 children escape homeless. This year we will surpass having helped over 5400 children from 2400 Thurston County families to be HOMELESS NO MORE by raising more than $1,300,000.  

In 2011 as part of an art auction fundraiser, the children of the Madison Welcome Room renamed the program “Help Us Move In.”  According to the students, “The phrase ‘homeless children’ described helplessness, instead of hopefulness.”  ‘Help Us Move In’ means we are moving, won’t you help?”  There are two phrases that express the essence of this endeavor:  a “hand up, not a handout” and more importantly, a goal of “homeless no more.”  

HUMI was so successful that in 2015 a independent program was started nationwide. There are currently 81 HUMI Granted affiliates across the county, and collectively, including Thurston County, HUMI has helped over 28,500 children from 13,600 families, while raising over $12,400,000 to help children become HOMELESS NO MORE!

It costs on average $300 to provide a home for a child.  Your donation of $300 will provide a home for 4 children when matched by HUMI and Community Partners (Family Support Center, North Thurston Educational Foundation, Family Educational Support Services, Olympia Educational Foundation, Together, Roof and Community Youth Services.

In 2000, the Stewardship drive exceeded expectations and started Help Us Move In. If you wish to continue providing HOPE to Thurston County children experiencing homelessness make a donation to the church for HUMI or mail a check to HUMI 2645 Chambers Lake Ln, Lacey WA, 98503.

Life is Good When there is HOPE!
Burt Sarver

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