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Scam Alert

We have been made aware that there is an email being sent widely to congregants of First Olympia and the other co-op churches, seemingly from Pastor Heather, that expressed the need for an urgent meeting with her, requesting that you share your availability. After several back-and-forths, they send a link requesting that you purchase a gift card. This email is NOT from Pastor Heather. Do NOT make any purchase! We will never ask you to give to the church in this way.

The email address that the spam email is coming from is which is NOT an email associated with Pastor Heather or FUMCO.  

We are so sorry this is happening, and for any stress it has caused. If you ever have any inkling that an email from one of us doesn't sound right, please feel free to reach out to us individually or to the church office to verify its source. Additionally, we only send individual emails from our church email addresses:, and

If you receive the spam email asking for immediate response or gift card purchases, please report it as spam, if you can, and we encourage you to block the sender as well. Again, we are so sorry this is happening. Thank you for being alert and letting us know when you receive messages like these.

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