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A Simple Template

Here's a helpful template you can copy and customize to write a simple letter to your representative (just fill in the bold portions with the concerns that affect you the most). Your congress members want to hear YOUR personal story.

I am advocating for responsible firearm legislation because [examples: I have school-aged children..., Too many people have died..., I've been watching the news..., I read this statistic and...] 

I would like to request the following:
* Mandatory background checks for all gun sales, including gun shows and private sales
* The prohibition of further sales of military-style assault rifles (inc. AR-15-style)
* The prohibition of high-capacity magazines
* The extension of waiting periods to all firearm sales
* The implementation of red flag laws
* The expansion of mental healthcare as a guaranteed right and coverage to all persons
* The establishment of a minimum age of 21 to purchase or possess a firearm

[Is there anything else you'd like to say?]